New Year, New Music!


It’s been a long time since I updated this website, I have been so busy with school and other things in life. I’m so happy that it is my last week of school and a new year is about to start! Since I will be having more free time, it will be dedicated to this website and releasing new music and even videos. I have been working on a lot of new music and will be presenting videos of artist that I’m working with and posting new content on a monthly basis. I recently was hanging out with my artist and good friends of mine,The Polo Club going thru some beats and talking how we can make a bigger impact on the Bay Area scene and some steps to getting there. So I have decided so to try to put together a compilation project with artist that I know. I will be talking about that more in the near future so stay tuned for that. I just dropped a video of a song they did a while back on my YouTube channel so check it out! There will be more to come, so stay tuned!

Kozy Beatz Presents: The Heat Of The Night By Polo Club @ZEEK_BRICKJAMES @SIRWIZLE


New Beats, New Music And Throwback Thursdays!



Its been a while since I have posted anything on my website, Iv’e been doing internships and going to school so I haven’t really been having time to update it weekly but I’m starting to bring new content every week and update everyone with what is going on in my life as a music producer. I have been working on some new beats lately and also getting a lot of new songs finished with the artist I’m working with, so look forward to that. I also am starting in December, going to start using my ustream to show some behind the scenes of studio sessions and more. I’m looking forward to the great things that are going to happen.

Future Plans: Social Media and Ustream!

Kozy Beatz, Donyell Maurice , DJ Rick Lee

Kozy Beatz, Donyell Maurice , DJ Rick Lee

Hey, I know that it has been a while since I have make a post on my website, but I have been working hard doing school, beats, and also getting prepared for my internship! Iv’e been out the house a lot more than usually lately and playing Grand Theft Auto V (like everyone else in the world lol). I finally made a new ustream page and will start scheduling days where I will be having live-stream of whatever maybe doing at the time (Making Beats, In The Studio, Chilling With Artist I’m Working With and etc…). You can follow me at my Ustream Channel At http://www.ustream.tv/user/KozyBeatz ! Also, Like My Facebook Page At http://www.facebook.com/kozybeatz and Follow My Instagram @therealkozybeatz and Twitter @Kozy_Beatz . Ill be back with more updates shortly, stay tuned……….


Ill Be In Santa Cruz!!!!!! Beach Buzzin Tour At Blue Lagoon!

1233349_10200630789601924_103453352_nIm going out to Santa Cruz this Friday for Blue Lagoon event this weekend and will be shooting the video for “ #HighAsFuck by @DonyellMaurice Feat. SpytBucqet, @NickSwanMusic  Prod. @Kozy_Beatz “! So If anyone is going to be at there this weekend, come and stop by the event!

#HighAsFuck by Donyell Maurice Feat. Humza SpytBucqet Shakur, Nick Swan #NEWMUSICMONDAY

I’m doing #NEWMUSICMONDAY 1 day early! Check out the new song #HighAsFuck by Donyell Maurice (@DonyellMaurice) Feat. Humza SpytBucqet Shakur, Nick Swan (@NickSwanMusic) Prod. By Kozy Beatz (@Kozy_Beatz) ! Please like, comment what you think about the song and share!

Music Producer From San Francisco, California

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