Bring Out Your Inner Kanye! (Do You Have It In You?)

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Kanye is known to be a little crazy based on his actions, but this is not what this article is about lol. I am not trying to bring out the crazy side of you (nor do I want to see it lol); I am trying to bring out the passion and mindset that Kanye has. Kanye West is a genius and is very passionate about what he does, whether it is either music, fashion, or even his relationship. That’s one thing that I like about Kanye that no one really highlights. His passion is so strong that whatever his goal is, he makes it happen one way or another and doesn’t let anyone stop him from accomplishing his goals.

I want you to feel the same way about yourself and in things you would like to accomplish. If you ever had a goal you wanted to achieve and you ever had people tell you that you can’t do it, or that you aren’t going to get far doing it, I want you to bring out you inner KANYE !

I know it sounds funny but I want you to think to yourself that you can do it and that they don’t have the answers. You are the answer to the problem, it will just take time to solve it. At one point no one ever thought about flying and when that one person who had that passion about making it happen they looked them and told them they couldn’t do it also, but guess what they did! They brought out their inner Kanye and now people are flying all over the world from place to place and city to city.

So always remind yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to and never let a person, place or thing stop you from achieving your dreams and goals, because Kanye sure does lol.


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Music And Emotions – How Does Music Make You Feel?

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Sometimes I have a really hard time trying to figure out ways I can express myself without taking it out on other people. Music was the gateway that I needed when I felt sad, mad, or really happy. When I’m angry I make trap music with heavy 808s with distortion and the hardest kicks in the world. When I’m thinking about getting away, I make a smooth instrumental that gives you the feel that you are taking a late night drive. Music helps me create a world were I can make it the way I envision it. Music connects people, they can relate to it, give them a feeling and even taking them back to a memory of the past. This is why I love making music!

Connections And Relationships

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“Teamwork Makes the Dreams Work”

Connections and relationships are powerful. Iv’e gotten jobs, met new artist, and have gotten out of situations all based on connections and relationships alone. Connections and relationships can either lead you to good places in life or bad ones. For me I have had many experiences where they have gone both ways. I recently have been thinking to myself “Who do I want around me?”. The people that you want around you are people that are trying to help and motivate you to get to where you want to be and genuinely support you .There are people out there that act like they are your friend just because you have something they want and try to take advantage of you (which is not cool at all). You have to avoid those people at all cost. You can’t let someone take you away from what your goals are, you need people that you can help and can help you towards what you would like to achieve . I am thankful enough to be surround by people with the same goals and understanding of what I am trying to do and am blessed for that. Just remember, it takes a team to make a dream.

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

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“I Don’t Assume Shit About Anybody”Nipsey Hussle

When I am on the street, at work, or going shopping I am always aware of how people react or perceive me as something I am not and it really bothers me. Back when I had dreads people always assumed that I was a thug or I was going to rob them which isn’t right. They don’t even know me to judge what I am about or even what I know. I’m actually a good guy that loves to help people out and I am very intelligent. I bet if you were to look at me you wouldn’t think that I created my own website, a student with a bright future, and a business man.

Don’t judge a person till you know them, you never know what gifts, skills, or talents a person may have. That person may be the person that could change your life for the better, but you would never know if you judge them. Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover.