So Mysterious by Milk Mandela Out Now!

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So Mysterious by Milk Mandela is the first of many mixtapes from my label Leading Society Records and first mixtapes fully produced by me! I would love all the feedback possible so don’t hesitate to leave any!

Get this tape now!

The New And Improved Me!

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“Fuck It, Ima Go Hard Or Go Home”Kozy Beatz

Hello world, welcome to my little space that I have, I hope you like it! Iv’e made some new and improved touches to the space as you can see. I have finally gotten this website in order and it looks pretty nice so far but it will improve along the way. I felt like it was time to start on something new and something to grow from. It is time to show off, what I am working on and what the people around me are working on when it comes to music and even discuss life tips! I haven’t been in my lane lately, but I had sometime to think and I told myself….Fuck It, Ima Go Hard Or Go Home. Iv’e realized that I have to improve myself as a person and as a business to get to where I want to be, and to not let anything stop me.  I have had a lot of obstacles in life that made  it hard for me to accomplish what I wanted but I have realized you can’t give any excuses or make something stop you from your goals in life. You have to do what makes you happy and don’t let bullshit bother you or take you out of your lane. I won’t get too deep into this now because I would like to make a post in the future about the power of positivity and skill development. I don’t think I am the best at those types things but that is something that I am working on till this day and maybe it could help someone feel better and maybe even do better in life situations. Even though this website is mostly about showing off my work, I also want to give something that could help people in general and discuss issues I have had in my personal life. But for now…I hope you like my new site and also stay tuned to the new and improved!